Rules and Regulations

Matlock Canoe Club Rules and Regulations

  1. As an affiliated Club, the rules of the PaddleUK are included in the rules of Matlock Canoe Club.
  2. All members of the Canoe Club and invited visitors to the Club must be able to swim 50m before taking part in paddling activities.
  3. Members must respect all property and possessions, whether they be their own, other club members, the Club or any outside party, at all times whilst participating in Canoe Club activities.
  4. All food and rubbish must be removed from the area of activity before departure. Boats and equipment must be left in a clean orderly condition.
  5. Members of all classes may not borrow, without the owner’s permission, boats, paddles or equipment.
  6. When borrowed equipment is lost or damaged, the person responsible is expected to compensate the owner; in the case of a dispute the Club Committee will be the ruling body.
  7. Personal flotation device (PFD), also referred to as a life jacket or approved buoyancy aid: as a minimum with helmets must be worn on ALL outdoor activities. The use of the helmet is compulsory when paddling on moving water, including sea and surf.
  8. The Club cannot be held responsible for loss of equipment, property or damage / injury to members or third party.
  9. PaddleUK subscriptions are not included in the Club’s membership subscription.
  10. A member may introduce visitors to the Club. If their attendance becomes regular, they are expected to apply for membership.
  11. Club Members must not cause annoyance to residents, landowners or fishermen in their vicinity. Members are expected to show courtesy if approached over any matter and report difficulties to the Committee immediately.
  12. On official Club activity, the organising officer has the right to exclude any member whom in their opinion is not properly equipped to take part in the activity.
  13. Members will abide by the PaddleUK and Matlock Canoe Club’s Access Agreement on all waterways.
  14. All Matlock Canoe Club members and invited guests shall abide by the Club’s rules and regulations.
  15. Parents should complete all membership forms, if the member is under 18 years of age.
  16. Each member will be given access to an up-to-date set of Club Rules and Regulations and a Code of Conduct by email when joining, and will be deemed to have agreed with them upon receiving membership.
  17. The Matlock Canoe Club Constitution shall be read in conjunction with the above rules and regulations.

Dated: January 2015

Updated: April 2024