Club sessions are held on the river in Matlock Bath throughout the year. The site is lit by floodlights during winter sessions and are free to members. Although there is no formal booking system we use Whatsapp to confirm who’ll be coming.

The Wednesday night group usually meet at 7pm at the grassed area at the top of the slalom site. This is a group of recreational paddlers. Most people use a general purpose plastic boat at this session but you will be welcomed  whatever your craft: play boat, slalom boat (aka pointy boat!), sea kayak, WWR or SUP. The sessions vary depending on who is there but there should be something for everyone.

Thursday night is slalom training. You don’t need a slalom boat and are welcome to give it a go in any boat. SUP will work but not about sea kayak! Sessions vary throughout the year: learning new skills, practicing technique and gruelling aerobic sessions dependant on your ability and your coach!

For full details of the sessions see the session calendar.