Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy

Last Updated: June 2022  Next Review Date: June 2023

Policy Statement
Matlock Canoe Club will take all reasonable steps to protect children and vulnerable adults from physical, sexual and emotional harm whilst taking part in official Club activities.

Vulnerable Adult
“A person who is, or maybe, in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation”.

“Anyone under the age of 18”.

Good Practice Guidelines
The following guidelines have been devised not just to protect children and vulnerable adults, but also to provide appropriate guidance and therefore protection for coaches and members of the Club.

All coaches and members of the Matlock Canoe Club are encouraged to demonstrate appropriate behaviour in order to protect themselves against the false allegations.

Avoid situations where you are alone with one child/vulnerable adult. The Club acknowledges that occasionally there may be no alternative, for example, a child may be taking ill and had to be taken home. We would stress however that one-to-one contact must be avoided if at all possible and should never be allowed to occur on a regular basis.

If any kind of physical support is required, ask permission and explain to the child/vulnerable persons and to their parents/carers what you are doing and why.

Ask parents/carers to be responsible for children/vulnerable adults in changing rooms.

Always ensure that adult supervising young people work in pairs.

Whilst on trips or residential outings, mixed groups must be accompanied by a male and female coach/helper.

Do not allow physical or sexually provocative games, inappropriate touching or talking.

Ensure that the nature and intensity of training does not exceed the capacity of a child/vulnerable adult physical or mental ability.

Follow the BCU guidelines for photography and video use. Please see link

The Club will obtain written medical and contact details of parents/carers of for all under 18-year-olds, which will be made known to coaches, where deemed appropriate and/or necessary.

All Club coaches, helpers and officials working with young people should read and adhere to the Clubs Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy. The Club will follow the guidance of the policy in the event of any concerns or allegations.

If a child discloses abuse or if you suspect abuse

Remain calm; do not display any emotional reaction.

Report what the child has said to you. It is not your responsibility to decide whether or not abuse has taken place, only to report what the child has said to you.

Do not ask the child explicit details.

Never promise to keep a secret.

Write down what the child has said as soon as possible. Record all relevant information i.e. the child’s behaviour or appearance. Sign and date this.

Inform the Welfare Officer, Secretary, Chairperson, a coach or any committee member, or contact BC child protection Lead Officer or BC appointed Child Protection Officer (contact via BC office in Nottingham), or if you need urgent advice contact the NSPCC Child Protection 24 hour Help Line (0808 800 5000). If a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999 straight away.
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Disclosure

The Club wishes to ensure that children/vulnerable adults taking part in canoeing are able to do so protected and kept safe from harm while they are with staff, coaches and/or volunteers. To help us achieve this all coaches and volunteers with significant contact with young people should undertake an enhanced DBS or equivalent disclosure through British Canoeing.