Matlock Slalom Event Information


National Ranking Division 2

   24th & 25nd March 2023

Matlock Canoe Club offers a warm welcome to all competitors and spectators at this year’s event and hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.

Special thanks to “The Heights of Abraham” for the access to the river via the old colour works factory. Please respect this partnership by respecting the access restrictions, so that future events can continue to take place.

General Information

Location: The River Derwent located between Matlock & Matlock Bath (A6).

Sat Nav postcode DE4 3PT.       What 3Words: wasps.pony.hopping

Parking: All cars should be left in the Artists’ Corner car park approximately 400 metres (paddle) upstream of the slalom course or in the Station car park approximately 200 metres (walk) downstream of the course. If you are getting off river left, it will be easier to park at the station. (There is a 2.3m barrier at Artist’s Corner, so vehicles over this height will need to park at the Station). Please note these are both Pay & Display car parks. There is limited parking on the road opposite control which should only be used for loading and unloading equipment. Please take note of parking restrictions, which WILL be enforced by the council’s vigilant traffic wardens. Please do not park on the grass (event staff only) or in the adjacent layby – which will be used for Control.

Access: Access to the course is next to Control or from Artists’ Corner car park. Please observe and adhere to the signs and do not get in, or paddle upstream of Artist Corner. No paddling is allowed beyond the pedestrian bridge at the bottom of the course.

Egress: Please note that the footbridge at the bottom of the course is closed. There is therefore a choice of egress; either at the steps on the river right, but this is difficult at current levels; or the alternative easier way is by the track on river left just beyond the finish but as the footbridge is closed you then have to walk down the lane to Matlock Bath station. (Please do not enter the factory site).

Accommodation: Details of accommodation in the area can be found at

Toilets: Portaloo toilets will be available at the site; there are also public toilets in Matlock

Bibs: All div 2 and div 3 (Paddle-Up) paddlers must have a ranking bib. If you do not have a bib you must show your BCU card at control. Paddlers entering the Officials event may wear their ranking bibs.

Practice Runs:

Friday: Open practice is available from when the course is completely erected on Friday evening (hopefully about 4pm ish).

Saturday: There will be open practice from dawn until 8.30

Official practice from 9.00 to 10.30am. Official practice will be one full run only. Open practice will be available from when the course is changed is on Saturday

Sunday: There will be open practice from dawn until 8.30 am. Official practice from 8.30 to 10am. Official practice will be one full run only.

NB: There will be no safety cover during open practice. Please paddle responsibly and look after each other. You will need to egress at the steps on river right during open practice.

Paddlers must stay on the water below the finish line for the next 2 paddlers after official practice run and during race runs to provide safety.

Event Safety Notices & Reminders

BCU Statement: “Canoeing and Kayaking are “Assumed risk” – “Water contact sports” that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement”.

Supervision: An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 and be responsible for them at all times during the event.

Safety: Please adhere to the current BCU Slalom Rules relating to safety and equipment.


  • Please take care to keep the roadside pavements unobstructed for all pedestrians.
  • Canoes may only be left on the grassed area upstream of the steps leading to the river. NOTE this area forms part of a public right of way, so please keep access clear.
  • Only event officials are allowed access across to the far bank- please do not abuse our access arrangements with the owners of the site.

First Aid: For any queries, first aid or safety concerns please see one of the Matlock Canoe Club event organisers who will be based at race control near the top of the slalom course.


Further Information: Any further information, start list, results etc will be posted on the Slalom Uk

Acknowledgments: Matlock Canoe Club would like to thank the following organisations and people for their help, support and co-operation with running this event:

Heights of Abraham, Matlock Angling Club, Derbyshire Dales District Council,

Derbyshire Police, Peak UK and all the officials and volunteers who are helping to run this event.