Matlock Bath Promenade River Access

River Derwent Matlock Bath

Promenade River Access

This access agreement is valid from 18th July 2013 to 31 July 2017

The Council have granted Matlock Canoe Club an exclusive licence to use the river along the Matlock bath promenade through to the River Gardens and the launching site behind the Pavilion, between 1st March to the Friday before August Bank Holiday for a period of 4 years.

Period of Use
Our permitted period of use is Monday to Sunday from 8.00am to 9.00pm or sunset whichever is earlier. We can only canoe this stretch of the river during the licence period and must ensure that we do not continue beyond the permitted period or such later time as the Council shall agree.

Risk Assessment
When any party uses the site they must have a ‘Risk Assessment Plan’this means the rules and regulations relating to the use and occupation of the Site imposed by Matlock Canoe Club and the Council; this is a plan prepared by Matlock Canoe Club demonstrating that a full risk assessment of the Site and activity has been undertaken. This should be available at all times for inspection by the Council.

Use of Site
The use of the Site is only for the purposes of canoeing and kayaking rights and holding canoeing and kayaking events/training sessions as identified within the Site Plan. We are not to make any alterations or attachments or additions to the Site without the prior written consent of the Council. We must obtain the prior written approval of the Council to any publicity material proposed to be issued in relation to the use of the river.

Our boundaries ‘Site’ means the area marked between Memorial Gardens (Northern Upstream end) through to the Derwent Gardens Landing Stage and downstream to Lovers Walks (Waterfall) as contained within the River Derwent which for identification purposes is delineated on the Site Plan.

Main Access and Egress
Our main access and egress point is at the River Garden landing stage behind the pavilion. We are able to paddle down from the bottom Slalom site through some unresolved ownership access rights (River Left Bank approx. 200m) passed the Midland Hotel (paddle river left) onto our agreed water access at the Memorial Gardens. Here we can use the full length of the river to the waterfall (river Right just before the Arkwright’s mill weir). There is a strip along the promenade (river right Shown on the site plan), which we have no access agreement with the land owner.

Number of Boats
It has been specifically agreed that we are permitted to allow a maximum of no more than 30 canoes at any time on the river, except for approved official events where we will apply for special permission from Derbyshire Dales District Council.

We are allowed limited motorised vehicle access to the river edge (Pavilion/ River Gardens landing stage) and parking is limited to 10 mins to off-load/load canoes/kayaks/equipment. There is agreed parking during the event for our canoe trailer and any disability vehicles for ease of accessibility during the session.

Other users
We are not to interfere with or obstruct any person or persons lawfully using the said portion of the River Derwent for boating fishing an official swimming event.
We have NO responsibility for other persons using the site when we are not present.

We are not to use the Site or any part of it for any activities which are dangerous, offensive, noxious, illegal or immoral or which are may become a nuisance to the Council or the owner or occupier of any neighbouring properties.

Health and Safety
At our own cost we have to comply with all requirements of any relevant Health and Safety Legislation and we assess the weather and water condition prior to starting the activity and carry out the activity appropriately;. We must ensure that all the necessary equipment (including appropriate clothing) is to be used and to ensure that no more than 30 canoes and kayaks are used on the Site at any time.
We must ensure that all visitors/ Personnel associated with activity are launched safely to
and from the Site.

There will be 2 gates which require opening to access the river. These must be locked again at the end of the session. The keys will be kept at the slalom site.

Enjoy this additional water access
Matlock Canoe Club