CaNews January 2023 Newsletter



Winter 2022 ~ 2023

Happy New Year!



The AGM was held at the end of November 2022 at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath. It was attended by 22 members most of whom started the evening with a meal.

The Committee welcomed four new members. Nigel Pick and Bec Whiting will be our new Welfare Officers for the year. They will be attending courses to equip them for their role and then will be intruding themselves to club members who don’t know them. We also welcomed Victoria Wright and Melissa Jackson. We’ll give them a week or two to settle in before defining their roles! Colin remains as Chair and Donna as Secretary, Mark was elected as Vice Chair and Steve as Treasurer. Pete and Mark became Coaching Offices and Rick stays on the committee (hopefully working with Melissa to plan some club trips.)

Pete Astles and Callum Lovatt stepped down from the committee.

Awards: Congratulations to Eadie for becoming the Best Junior Paddler of 2022.



The River

In the last newsletter I commented on the fact that the river was as low as I ever remember it. At that time, the Derwent Valley reservoirs were only at 38% capacity. And then it rained! Last week all three reservoirs were overflowing and as a result, the river has been too high to paddle. They have been releasing from Ladybower since it stopped overflowing and it is now at 95%. Today, they stopped releasing, so until the next rains, the river level should be OK and we just have to worry about the sub-zero temperatures!

The gates all survived the high water level. It is probably best if the gates stay on the left bank. Bring them out if you want to use them for a session but please return them afterwards.


Environment Agency Works

Work continues at Matlock Town Bridge.  (The sign says until March 2023 but they have lost a lot of day’s work due to high water, so I guess it will be delayed.) If you paddle down from Darley Bridge, please continue to stop at the pontoon and follow instructions from the site marshalls.

Work will also be starting later in the year on the wall adjacent to the slalom course. They will be repointing, removing vegetation and fixing the gabions at the bottom steps. This work should not effect us but please stay vigilant.



The Container

We should be removing the old container soon and installing the new one. Many thanks to everyone who has been storing boats since the break-in.

I can’t remember if I told you… the police contacted me a few months after the burglary to tell me that Highways had retrieved 4 boats and 4 paddles from a ditch near junction 29. Thanks to Joe and Vic for collecting these from Sandiacre. With the return of these boats and the boats donated by Stafford & Stone and Viking Canoe Clubs we will have enough boats for the 2023 beginners course. We will need to buy some more paddles and will use the generous cash donation to buy these.


Derwent Dash WWR

The Derwent Dash: Wild Water Race will be on Saturday 4th February. This is a 400m sprint race from Artists’ Corner to the bottom of the slalom site (2 runs). It is suitable for all abilities. Fee £7 per person. The race starts at 12:00. Check-in at 10:00. Enter online or on the day. Contact for more information.



Matlock Slalom

Matlock division 2 slalom will take place over the weekend of 25th – 26th March 2023. This is a big event for us and your help over the weekend would be much appreciated. We’ll make up the gates on Thursday 23rd and set up the course from midday on Friday 24th.  On Saturday and Sunday we’ll be there from 8 am until about 6pm. You don’t need to know anything about slalom to help. Please contact Angela ( ) if you will be able to help. Bring your boat and kit with you as we will be holding a club handicap event over the weekend – any craft will be fine you could even use your SUP!





We have three groups available for members to join…

  • Matlock Canoe Club (general news: only committee can post)
  • MCC Wednesday Group
  • MCC Thursday Group

The Wednesday and Thursday groups should only be used for enquiries about the Wednesday or Thursday sessions.


You may also be interested in…

  • Derwent Paddlers

The Derwent Paddlers Group Is the group you should use for all other chat. Through this group, you can link up with fellow paddlers for an impromptu paddle or to sell kit etc. This group is not administered by Matlock Canoe Club and any activity is done at your own risk.



British Canoeing

There are many benefits to being a member of British Canoeing. Matlock Canoe Club is affiliated to British Canoeing and if you are not a member, you pay extra to be a Club Affiliated member. Please note that this membership is only valid at official club sessions or at entry level competitions. If you paddle outside club session times your affiliate membership is not valid and you will have no third party insurance.


Wednesday Nights

Keep you eye on the WhatsApp group. The session generally runs from 7:00 – 9:00 every week if the river is not too high.


Thursday Nights

Thursday night is slalom night. Beginners (div 3/4) meet at 5:45 – 6:45 and advanced training (div 1/2) will take place from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Again, check WhatsApp before travelling.



Pool Sessions

We are still able to book the New Bath Pool every six weeks. We cancelled the last session (19/12/22) as there were only 3 people booked on. The next one should be on the 29/1/23. So far there is no interest and it clashes with Stone mini slalom so we agreed not to run this one. The next will be 12/3/23. If you want to book a pool session, please let Donna know two weeks before.


Dates for 2023 are: 12/3/23, 23/4/23, 4/6/23, 16/7/23, 27/8/23, 8/10/23 and 19/11/22.


Beginners coaching course

We had over 50 enquiries about joining the club last year. We will send an application form to anyone who is still interested, which we can use to shortlist to a manageable group size. If you have coaching qualifications and experience and would like to help with our beginners, please let me know.


If you want further details of any of the above, please email me ( ).


See you on the water soon.